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Fitness & Sports Excellerated
The overlooked athletes,
Let's change that.
"If you are looking to take your craft to the
next level, Sean Robbins  FSE will help you
attain that and more.
For years, I was in search of someone that
I could work with for sustained strength,
endurance and core development. Sean not
only did that but worked with me
on my diet and pre and post game routines.
He even came to a number of assignments
to film my movement and provide me with
regular (and fluid) feedback.
The more you want, the more Sean fills in
the gap. He continues to be an additional
asset to my development as an "athlete in
stripes". Thank you, Sean.
This is extremely appreciated given our
residences being in different parts of the
country (I reside in NYC)."
Big 10 Official
Game Ready Online Training Sessions
Improve your Game-Ready conditioning through a personalized  
online training routine
Benefits of enrolling in the online services are:

•   Daily fitness content appropriate to your conditioning and training facility
•   Weekly one-on-one communication
•   Video demonstrations on various drills and exercises
•   Video analysis of your game day movements (if media is available)
•   Nutrition Plan
•   Assessments on current or past injuries and how to avoid the occurrence
•   Training adjustments according to past and current injuries
•   Motivation and push to be Game Ready
Requirements for the service are:
Telephone with text capabilities,  e-mail address, and Internet access
1 Month Package
$150 (Promo Code FSE2)
4 Month Package
(savings of $75 per month)
6 Month Package
(savings of $100 per month)
FSE is expanding to include online training services. Train with Head Trainer Coach
Sean Robbins even if you are not in proximity to an FSE facility.

All services will continue to be personalized and sent directly to you---login is not
required. Your workouts and nutrition plans will be customized to your goals, and based
on the facilities you have access to in your local area
Available Packages and Membership Fees