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Fitness & Sports Excellerated
The overlooked athletes,
Let's change that.
FSE lead trainer, Sean Robbins, has trained NCAA and
NFL Officials, improving their physical conditioning
along with developing movements specific to their sport
and position.
Officials' Fitness and Agility Combine
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UMFO Clinic April
Minneapolis, MN
Tait-Consul June
Cedar City, Utah
Big 10
Chicago, IL
NFL Clinic
PAC 12 Clinic
Improve agility, get sharper on the field and be Game-Ready!

By participating in the Officials’ Fitness and agility clinic, you will increase your
knowledge in:

•   Warm-up and Cool-down
•   Increase fitness training to be Game Ready
•   Directional and transitional movement techniques
•   Using movement techniques to reduce occurrence of injuries
•   Game Day nutrition
•   Training to be
Game Ready!
"Sean of FSE is one of the
highlights at the annual Tait-
Consul Football Officials Camp.  
During his presentation, Sean
covers every aspect of the officials’
game experience from nutrition all
the way to post-game recovery.  
Sean works with campers on
proper on-field movement
techniques for game days so that
they are able to avoid injury and
minimize wear and tear on their
bodies.  The combination of
classroom work and real world
practice on the field is effective.  
Sean is dedicated to his craft and
a real pro!"
Gary Reed, Co - Director Tait-
Consul Football Officials Camp
Basics which are rarely covered in
most officiation clinics. So
fundamental to the role yet often
overlooked. Well done, coach!
David Hutton- Referee
Ontario University Athletics