Basic Fitness
Game Ready Training
The overlooked athletes,
Let's change that.
What is Fitness Conditioning?

•    Weight Training is the strengthening of the muscle groups to sustain proper  
activation. If muscle groups become weak, pressure will be put on the joints, which
can cause injury.

Cardiovascular Training increases the recovery process of the body during and
after activity. This helps you last for the duration of the game.

How do Speed and Agility benefit you?

To gain optimum field or court observation location, an official must move to a
position in a short amount of time. The application of recommended speed and
agility techniques will help reduce injuries, reserve energy and increase
speed, essential skills for
game ready officials.

What is Functional Strength?

Functional strength is the process of strengthening the muscle groups
needed in movements for officiating. The muscle groups involved are the areas that
improve speed and agility.

How does Functional Strength benefit you?

Improvement in this area will maximize your speed and agility muscle groups to  
sustain at top level during the entire game. A functionally strong official will maintain
technique and reduce chances of injuries.

"Sean has changed the paradigm
on how officials' physically train
and prevent injuries common to
the trade.  When you are around
Sean you get better and smarter
about how to GET BETTER and
improve your performance."
R K.
UMFO Clinic Director