About Officials Training
The overlooked athletes,
Let's change that.
Since 1996, sports and fitness trainer, Sean Robbins, has worked with hundreds
of clients of all ages to improve their health, fitness and sports conditioning. Better
known as “Coach Sean,” Sean founded Fitness & Sports Excellerated, LLC (FSE)
in 2006 after developing and coaching several collegiate athletes at his alma
mater, Ashland University.

Since then, Sean has broadened his scope to serve specialized fields, including
athletic officiating. In order to better understand the needs of the professional
officials, Sean has studied their movements and consulted with them concerning
their training routines. This information and further observations have provided a
basis for recommendations for reducing injury, increasing agility, and improving
fitness, health and wellness. Sean is a National Federation of Professional
Trainers certified Master Trainer, with specialist designations in personal training,
sports nutrition, weight training and endurance training. Sean is the fitness and
agility consultant for the football officials for the
NFL, Big Ten, MAC, and Missouri
Valley Conference.

Sean is a former internationally ranked track and field professional athlete. He
earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and Recreation Administration,
and a minor in coaching.
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"Thanks for dedicating so much of your
time and knowledge to helping us
improve and succeed. You may not
hear it often enough but we really do
appreciate your commitment and
dedication to officials.
Thanks again and please keep up with
your great work."

G.J. MAC Official